Wallaroo Goldrush "Rusa"

Born 2003-05-21
         e. Moto Movers Light Em Up
    u. Wallaroo Balefire Blue Bounty


Name Hd Ed Bite Tooth - Eyes Hearing Ears Coat
Rusa B/B 0/0 Correct Full dention - PRCD Pattern A, Eyecheck clear 2005 BEAR-test, Bilateral hearing Without remarks Blue

Name Title Protectionwork Tracking Search Rep.sport Obedience Duty Mentality Show
Rusa SE BCH, Korad, Tj.H(SAR) 3xCert, 5xCertificatepoint 3xCertificatepoint, 3xCertificate Approved lower class - 2x1st prize Eliteclass Certificate SAR-dog MH, MT CAC,CK,R-CACIB



Name Accessibility Fighting Fighting Temp. Keenness/
Nerves Hardness Courage Shots
Total score Exterior
Rusa +3 +3 +1 +3 +1 +3 +3 +3 +2 Appr.
270 p
+3 Appr.


Name Other
Rusa Rusa is Certified Rescuedog
Rusa has approved the Kennel Coyos & Filifjonkas Trophy for the best working ACD in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010, so we captured the prize forever!!

Obedience = obediencecompetions has 4 classes. Class I, II, III and Elite. You begin with class I and you have to get a 1st prize to advance to the next class. When you got three 1st prizes in eliteclass the dog can be Obediencechampion (but only if it's a purebreed)

Workingclasses = Workingclasses have 4 different sports and 4 classes in each of one of them. The classes is called Novice, Lower, Higher & Elite. You begin in Noviceclass.
The sports are Tracking, Search, Reportsport (the dog runs between two persons and the distance between the persons increases in each class) & Protectionsport. To advance to the next class you have to get special points & in all workingclasses you also have to do obedience. When you have competed in Eliteclass and has got enough points to get a Workingdogcertificate in three different competitions, the dog can be Workingdogchampion

Dutydogs = In Sweden we have two types of dutydogs for civilian persons. The Rescuedog & the Defence force dog. Both type of dogs is taken for an education with their owner and after approved finishingtests they are contracted and got the title Dutydog (in Swedish=Tj.h.) The contracts is a little various.

Mentality = In Sweden we have two types of mentalitycheckings. The first check is called Mentalitydescription (MH). This description is usually done when the dog is between 12-18 month. This description is a very good standard of value for the breeders & a little how dogs is expected to be for working. It's more and more common that whole litters is described at the same time. You also have to do this to compete in the workingclasses and also if you will have some litter on the dog. The dog & the owner go on a course where jugde is seeing how the dog reacts in different things and describe it from that. They check for ex: how the dog reacts on persons and suddenly upcomming things and noices, playfulness, curiosity and shots. The dog is "judged" by a scale from 1 - 5 in all of the moments.
Mentalitytest = This test is has to be done when the dog is between 18 - 48 month old. The mentalitytest has recently been changed. The test is also a very good standard of value for the breeder. On this test there is several moments. Every moment has three parts, a "wakeup", a "handling" and a "finish". This is exactly the same for all dogs who is doing this test. This test is checking a lot of the dogs social behavior, curiosity, courage and reactions in all of the moments. The points for an approved test is between 300 - 600 points(the approved result at the old test, was between 100 - 300p, Rusa had 270p), the higher points the better. When you have an approved test you can also take the dog for an exteriordescription. If the dog is approved on the exterior the dogs is gain the title "KORAD".



©Elisabeth Thorstensson 2006