The first contact with a dog, was my familys mixedbreed called "Tjorven", a mixtedbreed between collie and poudle. When this dog has passed away, it took some years until "Bamse", a black Labrador enter to the family. Unfortunatly he was stricked by illness, such as allergy, furunculoses, boils e.t.c. Gradually he went aggressive, probably in consequens of a tumour. He was taken down in a quite early age.
"Bamse" was however the first dog I went to a dogcourse with, at the Swedish Workingdogclub. It took some years after that, until my "real" doginterest was borned. More exactly 1990.

My fiancé at that time, had an Australian Kelpie called "Zampo" and a German Shepherd called "Oldo", we also got an Australian Cattle Dogmale called "Aramis", later we also had a Labrador called "Sally" who worked as a searchdog looking for bombs. She was owned at the Swedish Airforce.
Aramis came from a girl who couldn't handle him. He really hated other dogs(males), he was stressed but always very nice to us and to other people. This, got me to start to think if all of the ACD was so bothersome. So I went to Tisnarvikens Kennel and took a female "Doris" from them, only as a "trial". She was about 4 ˝ month at that time and she was a very discreet little dog. Well as you can guess, Yes I took her permenantly! Ever since than I'm totaly devoted to the ACD breed, and it fits me like the hand in the glove!

After some years, I registrated Kennelname at the Swedish Kennelclub, and 1995 I took a litter of Doris, who resulted in three puppies. ( look forward on Dogs and Results )

When it comes to my own dogknowledge and proficiency, am I educated as an Instructor in the Swedish Workingdogclub(SBK), I'm educated as a SAR(serach&rescue)dog instructor and also competitionleader.
I have the maininterest in the pratical search (SAR,watersearch,competitionsearch), rescuedogs and obedience.
I have competed in three Swedish Championships for Rescuedogs, and the result has been mixed.
I work and compete a lot with my oldest dog Rusa and I'm looking forward to the upcomming litter and competetions next year. I'm also looking forward to start Brynja in search, tracking and obedience competetion next year too!

Hopefully it will be a lot of training and competetionopportunities next year!



Me and Ambra


I want to work for, that the breed Australian Cattledog, will remain to be that workingdog as it was from the beginning! Unfortunatly today, it's only a few ACD:s that is used for practical work and you see the breed much more often at Shows than on different workingtests.
The goal with my breeding, is to get dogs with a very high workingcapability, who are very functional, who has a very good mentality and also has a healthy exterior close to the standard.

I have high demands, on how a workingdog should be, this without to abandon the exterior part.
The puppies from me, will only therefore be sold to homes,where I know that the dog will be worked in some way.
All of the dogs from the kennel MUST be healthtested, mentalitytested and should be showned at least one time, on an official show.
All of the results will be presentated at the homepage!



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