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Sandra & Fire Stick"Dexter" went to the Show in Stockholm 111210 & they took another title on the last month of the year! Dexter became BOB & got the title Nord V-11!! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to that!! With that they also qualified to Crufts in Birmingham in March! Sandra & Dexter will go there, so we hope for another nice result!! Sister Frost On Grass"Furia" was also to the show and got Very Good, with very good critics! Congratulations also to Christianne & Furia!!

Some new great results in the end of the years & it comes from the F-litter! First, Frost On Grass"Furia" has taken her 2nd stick in jumpingclass I & came on 3rd place! It looked great!!

Fire Stick"Dexter" were on exhibition in Norway and it went great! Dexter became NUCH, NOV-11 & became BOS!!

This weekend the success come from Free Spirit"Fixa", the got a 1st prize in obedienceclass III and advances to Eliteclass!!
BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all three of you & your dogs! It's great!!

It has passed a little time since the last update. Rusa & I has been out and competed a couple of times and it's been great! The 15710 we competed in Eliteclass obedience, we got a 1st prize on 283,5 p and won the class! The day after I competed at the Clubchampion competition in tracking with both Rusa & Chilra. Rusa won and Chilra came at the 4th place.

At last weekend 5-6/11 I had notified to schutzcompetition with both Rusa & Chilra. I was a reserve with both of them, but I got a place and could started with Rusa. It went so great! We got 700,5 p and came on 5th place. It is a little milestone to pass the limit of 700 p! We got our 3rd Schutzcertificate so Rusa is also now a Swedish Schutzchampion!! This spring I will breed her, and hope for some great pups so their won't be any competitions this spring!!

Great news this weekend! Five of the dogs in the D-litter and one in the F-litter did their Mentalitytest at our dogclub this Saturday. It went great! To approve the test the dogs has to get at least 300 p and maximum is 600p. Dinger"Dino" got 500p, Darrk"Brix" got 484p, Djanda"Dizza" got 477p, Dorak"Snoris" got 379p, Fair Dinkum"Dinky" didn't pass the test as she didn't want to struggle with the testleader but they will do the test again in springtime and finally Fire Stick"Dexter" got 472p! It's so good!

At the same weekend they also took Flaming Arrow"Jeppe" to their Mentalitytest in Finland, he passed it with great points! He got 230 p out of 300p and then he also became Finnish Show Champion!
Thanks to all of you puppybuyers for doing such great job with your dogs, and that you are comming to our tests & kennelcamps and do such great advertising for the kennel! Without you the kennel is nothing!

Finally some late but great & nice updates!!
First a Big COngratulations to Jenny & "Fixa"(Free spirit) who went to a show in Sofiero 10/9, it went Great! Fixa got CAC, CK & BOB with excellent critic!

The 2nd Big Congratulation goes to Tarzan & "Jeppe"(Flaming Arrow) who passed the BH-test today 25/9!!

A little bigger Congratulation goes to Annica & Elda who this day, 25/9, took their first Workingcertificate in Elitetracking on very nice 563,75 points!!

And the last Saturday, Rusa & I competed the schutz in Härnösand Bk, it went great their too. We won the class and took our 2nd Certificate in the Schutzclass!!

Another weekend has passed, this time with the first Champion in the F-litter!!
Sandra & "Dexter" advanced to higher class in tracking & became with that SE UCH!! Big CONGRATULATIONS to you both!! Malin & "Brix" has both started their first trackingcompetition, and it went fine!! Brix however was more intrested in the track themselves than the sticks in the track! But Malin, you should be proud over this!!
Than has Dennis & "Gilla" competed in obedience. They got a 1st prize in class I!! Congratulations to that!! Jenny & Fixa was last weekend out and competed in appellclass tracking, they won the class & advanced to lower class! Big Congratulations to that!! This weekend they also competed in obediences class III & got fine grades! But they got a couple of annoying zeros! But I'm sure that they will advance to the Eliteclass next time!!
I'm so proud over my great puppybuyers for their lovely work with the dogs they present & it's also great for the Acd as breed!!

Several weeks has passed without updating the homepage, but it has happened some very nice things the last time! To do a story short, Rusa & I qulified as the first Acd eqipage ever, to the Swedish Championship for workingdogs! I'm very very proud over this and finally we came on 9th place! I'm so happy about this as we have to qualify with two good results among the rest of eqipage in Sweden!
This is the biggest thing in my "doglife" and I really want to say a BIG THANKS to my near & dear(especially Johnny for belive in us), for their help with the training, encouragement, support, backing & ground service before, during and after this great event in my life & Rusas!! You know all who you are!!

Finally some news! It has happened quite much the last week & the time isn't always enough!

The last thing is that most of the puppies has moved to their new homes! I still have two females for sale for the right people, one maybe for a co-owner ship, look under Puppies!
We have had our annual kennelcamp! Thanks again our dear puppybuyers and other friends for very nice and giving days!!
During the camp we had MH-description of the G-litter and it went excellent! Both Gilla & Gibbs did it great! CONGRATULATIONS Dennis & Thomas for the good result!

Sandra & Dexter has again got great result at two shows in Ransäter 29+30/7. Dexter become BOB both days and got 2xCACIB! CONGRATULATIONS again for the excellent result!

The H-litters own pages is being updating! All the pups has done the hearingtest(BAER), all the pups except Huldra had full hearing(bilateral). Huldra is unilateral deaf and is hearing on her right ear. But this doesn't matter during work!!

The next happening is for me really great! Me & Rusa will about 1 ½ week as the first ACD-eqipage ever, compete in Schutz at the Swedish Championship for workingdogs! Rusa has just been in heat, so anything could happen but we will really fight to do our best!!

Rusa was the other day noticed in the lokal press! Read here!!

The puppies are now 7 weeks old, a couple of them are still for sale because of late cancellation!
The next week we will have our annual Kennelcamp, we are looking forward to good training & good fellowship!! We will have MH description for the G-litter on Friday! See you soon!!

Last weekend we had our annual ACD show! It was very fun, nice and rewarding weekend! First Congratulations to Dennis & Gilla who did their first obediencecompetition with a 2nd prize. Gilla is a very activ and quick dog and it's looking good for the future! The show went great. "Dexter" became 4th best male, and the judge really likes Dexters look, Dexter got Excellent. Dinger "Dino" also got very good critic, and the judgement Very Good, this depends on his old cruiciate ligament injury, so he doesn't move total correct. Gilla only got Sufficant judgement, she and other dogs with a couple of toothlost, sadly didn't get any better result because of that!
Dexter & Dino was approved on the exteriordescription and this autumn they will do the Mentalitytest who is related to the exteriordescription. Congratulations to all of you three for the good result at the weekend!!

Finally some updates as the homepage hasn't worked ok this last days!
This time we start with Rusa & I. We has as the first Acd equipage ever, qualified to the Swedish Championchip in the Schutzprogram for Workingdogs!! For many years ago there was a girl who got a ticket to the big Championship thru the Youngsters SM, but she never started. I'm so proud & so happy that we have reached there, especially with a breed that many doubt! And with out my partner & our very good friends and training fellow we had never reached there!! Now we really hope that everything goes well until the competitiondate and that we could start! Once there we will fight bravely!!

Further, the siblings Fire Stick "Dexter" & Free Spirit"Fixa" has been to show. Dexter got CAC & BOB again! Fixa got a Very Good and very nice critics, the jugde just wanted more volym in the chest. Congratulations to you both with the nice result!!

Finally, the father to the H-litter - Anduk, has competed in IPO II(or VPG II as it's called in Germany) with the excellent result of 95-95-96!! Congratulations to fam.Kloth!!

Rusa & I has started an schutzcompetition this weekend. It went quite good, we got Certificatepoints again on 662,75p. Rusa had some failures in the schutzprogram, but overall I'm very satiesfied as the weather was very hot!!

More positive news has come! Gibbs is now x-rayed, and he got the excellent result of Hd A/A Ed 0/0, as his littermate Gilgandra and halfsister Elda!! CONGRATULATIONS Thomas for Gibbs result!!

The siblings "Dexter" & "Furia" has once again was out on competitions 110602. Dexter took once again CAC & BOB at a show in Nora and Furia competed in agility and got her 3rd stick in Agilityclass I and advanced to class II! Big Congratulations to you both!!

More things has happened this weekend. Jenny & Fixa approved appellclass tracking, some zeroes in the obediencemoments did that they didn't advanced to lower class!

Elda has been to a Mentalitytest, it went both good & not so good! Elda did the test excellent with 477p, but when they came to the shots she locked to the shooter. Elda is a dog with extrem need for control in situations like that without beeing afraid, so theirfore she didn't get an approved result!

Both "Brix" & "Furia" was at their first show on Saturday. Brix got Excellent but nothing more, but very good critics. Furia got R-CAC and also very good critics! Congratulations to you all for good results!

Rusa & I competed in schutz, but in the schutzprogram we broke the competition. Rusa was stiff in her right backleg, she didn't run with power and she didn't want to jump into the car! But tomorrow we will go to a chiropractor, by advices over the phone he said he though she has a lock in the pelvis! Hopefully it's ONLY that!

The H-litter is here! Everything seems to be clear, and we got six girls (prob.3blue+3red) and 2 males (both red) from afternoon - evening! Mother & puppies seems to feel great! Chilra is an excellent mother and taking such good care about her babies!
More updates about the weekend will come later this day!

The hole F-litter has now been x-rayed on their hips. The last out was Fears Nothing "Jacko". He got the excellent result of Hd A/A!! Congratulations to family Rexed to the nice result!

One day late, but Congratulations to the F-litter who went 2 y/o yesterday 110524!
Dexter has proven this weekend that he not only look good! This Sunday 22/5, Sandra & Dexter competed in appellclass tracking on a hot day in Mora, and they advanced to lower class!! Congratulations once again to you!!

Annica & Elda has been to their 2nd competition in Eliteclass tracking, they got an approved result of 526,50 p, good work as it was very hot! Elda did an excellent "thingsearch" and got 9-9,5p(out of 10 possible)!!

Also a little late Congratulation to loved Rusa, who turned 8 years old 21/5!! I hope that we will have many good years ahead of us, because Rusa has a bit to take after, as her grandmother(18 y/o) and mother(13½) years old, still is alive!!

This weekend, the siblings Frost On Grass "Furia" & Fire Stick "Dexter" who was out on different activities! Furia & Christianne competed in agility even this Saturday, and Furia is keep on going well! They took their first stick in jumpingclass I and came on 3rd place out of 70 other competitors! Big Congratulations to you!

On Sunday it was Dexters day, he & Sandra went to an for workingdogs! It went excellent, Dexter got CAC, BOB and finally he also got BIS 4!! Big Congratulations even to you!!

More great news! Gilgandra "Gilla" is x-rayed, she got hd A/A ed 0/0!! That's great! Congratulations Dennis, now it's just keep on going! Gilgandra will hopefully be used for future breeding!!

Some good results from the weekend!
Christianne & "Furia"(Frost On Grass), competed in agilityclass I and got their 2nd stick, the came on 2nd place among 72 other competitors! They also got nice results in the other races!!
Big Congratulations to your honorable 2nd place among 72 other competitors!!

Then Annica & Elda did their premiere in Eliteclass tracking, and it worked as we expected! They got 539,50 p(Certificatepoints) and came on 3rd place!!
Big Congratulations even to you!!
As a "kennelmum" you can't be more proud when great results drops in!!

Rusa & I also competed in schutz this Sunday, it went very well. We got 675,25 p and got our first Certificate! Rusa is the first Acd who has captured a Cert in the Schutzclass! I'm very proud over this!!
Also my partner Johnny competed in Schutz with his German Shepherd female Willners Norma, it went excellent and they advanced to higherclass schutz, as our sweet friend & trainingpartner Marita Röstlund Willner who also she, advanced to higher class schutz with her Hollandse Herderfemale Arda!Big Congratulations also to you!!

Today we did the ultrasound on Chilra, and she is in whelp!! The vet.thought she saw at least three puppies on each side!! Now, we hope that everything will work out fine & that the pups will be born in late May!

First, Congratulations the D-litter who is 3 y/o today! The big litter with very good workingdogs!!
Then, Congratulations to Sandra & Dexter(Fire Stick) who this Sunday(17/4) went to a show in Västerås. The judge was very hard, and the most of the dogs in several breeds got blue and yellow ribbons! But Dexter got excellent critic and got CAC & went BOB!

Rusa & I has started the workingcompetitions för the season. On Saturday we competed in eliteclass tracking, but it didn't worked out so well. Rusa took the track very well but after a little while she started to twirl around in the track, and it seemed that she couldn't fix the track as usually, so I took her of the track. On Sunday we competed in Eliteclass schutz, and it went very well, we came on 2nd place and got nice 672,25 p even if we zeroed an important moment. So I'm very proud over her work! But something isn't quite good with her nosework, so I will check if she has nose mites!

The seasons first results from workingclasses has started to come! Big CONGRATULATIONS to Annica & Elda who 9/4 advanced to higher class in report sport with fine 529,25 p!! You are so great, and we have great expectations and hopes for you both, and we also know where it probably will take you!!
Also Congratulations to Maria & Brytha"Tuva" for approved result in Eliteclass tracking and to Christianne & Furia for good work at agilitycompetitions!!

Big CONGRATULATIONS to Annette & Dino(Dinger) from this weekend, now are approved Rescuedog in Denmark!!
We are very proud over you!
Dino is the 2nd breed dog from the kennel, who are approved as Search & Rescuedog!

Finally we have been to Germany! We got some real good matings between Chilra & Anduk, so now we really hope for some blue & red ones in the end of May!
I want to say a big THANK's to the families Herzlinger & Kloth, for taking care of us so well during our visit!!
Thanks also to the family Simson, Uppsala for giving us a place to sleep before the flight!!

This weekend the first success for the year came! Christianne & "Furia" started their first official competition in agilityclass and jumpingclass I. And how they did it! They got their first "stick" in agilityclass and came on 4th places out of 64 competitors and their were only 5 of them who zeroed the race!
They also did an excellent race in the jumpingclass with only 5 faults, and their they came on 10th place out of nearly 60 competitiors! Big congratulations to you!! We'll looking forward to the next competitions!

This latest weekend we had the annual meeting for the Swedish Aust.Cattledogclub. Even this year we approved some nice prizes! We had plaques for Rusas Workingchampiontitle & for Chilras Showchampiontitle, Rusa also got prizes for best searchdog, best schutzdog & we also captured forever Kennel Coyos & Filifjonkas trophy for the best working ACD. We have got the trophy the last five years, so we finally took it home!

Brix has moved home to the Simson family in Uppsala, they also include halfsister "Furia", it will be Malin who will train & compete Brix and I think it will work out great!!

And to the thing that we have waited for a time now, Chilra is finally in heat!! So the next week we will fly to Germany and hope for some nice happenings in a couple of months!!

Several news: A little late Congratulation to the G-litter who celebrated their 1st birthday 12/2!!

Thsi weekend we had our annual meeting at Borlänge workingdogclub. Rusa & I brought back home five award! Rusa got award for best Workingdog, Borlänge BK:s clubtrophy(for the best competition result thru the year), Kennel Skogabos trophy(for the best avarage score - 0,91 out of 1,0), Club Champion for Working and Föreningsprodukters Trophy for Club Champion for Working. We also got a nice flower bouquet just because Rusa got her SE BCH(Swedish Workingtrial Champion during 2010! We'll see what this year will bring!

Rusa & I has also started an competition in Eliteclass obedience, I'm quite satisfied even if we zeroed two awkward moments. Otherwise we got scored between 8-10 so that was a little disappointing! But the competitionseason has just begun.....

Updates on several pages, look on D, F & G litters!
Brix has come back from Norway, check under Dogs!
Congratulations to Coolak & Chilra who was 4 y/o the 21th of January!!

So a New Year has come! The past year did come with nice results for many of the dogs from the kennel, but the year ended sadly when beloved Brynja had to be put to sleep!!
But now we look forward to this year and hope for many good news and puppies!!

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