News 2010

So some more news in the end of the year! Three dogs from Snjos was notified to the dogshow in Stockholm 101219.
It went fine! Dorak became 2nd best male and got CAC & CK. CONGRATULATIONS Ylva!
Chilra became 2nd best female and got CK & R-CACIB! But poor Dexter had got "watertail" so he couldn't lift his tail. He got excellent critic but just because of the tail he only got a 1st prize! Well, Sandra we knows how good he is looking, so you will take it at the next show!!

This weekend we got some positive news again! Pia & Djanda"Dizza" has competed in obedienceclass II, they won their group on fine 178p, and in the whole competition(a racing cup) they came in 5th place! Congratulations to you both, you will be dangerous in the obedienceplan in the future!

Than came the sad day....Today little B(Brynja)has been put to sleep! Brynja hasn't felt that good progress recently, and including her large tumor surgery and an old injury in the shoulder that was difficult to rehabilitate, the family Simson choosed to put her to sleep!
Brynja has always been an extremy active dog and to became a walkdog & just as a companiondog shouldn't been enough for Brynja!
Thanks to Stewe, Christianne, Malin, Pontus & Rebecca for taking such good care of little B, and gave her a great life full of activities when she wouldn't go as a stud dog!
Sleep well dear friend you will be missed by many!!

The weekend has passed with more great results from Saturday! Darel"Zappa" passed the mentalitytest & got 385 p, he is a quite dominant male but had really lovely reactions during the test!

Free Spirit"Fixa"& Jenny competed in obedienceclass II & got a 1st prize and advanced to class III!

And finally, Gilgandra"Gilla" has been to her first (offical)show, it went great. She got her first CAC & BOB and even defeaten her lovely sister Elda!!

CONGRATULATIONS to you all for the success of the weekend!

More great news! Today the x-ray result came on Fire Stick"Dexter", he also got hd A/A ed 0/0! Congratulations Sandra!!

Great news today, Frost On Grass "Furia x-ray result came today. It went hd A/A ed 0/0!! Congratulations Christianne & fam.Simson, now you can train agility alot for upcomming competitions!!

The brother Fire Stick"Dexter", has operated his tonsils today. They were very ugly and he has probably gone with the illness for a while, whitout that the vet.saw it! Now he will probably be more energetic and can bark again!!

Some updates from the past weekend. Congratulations to Maria & "Tuva" who got an approved result in their first Elitetracking competition!!

Rusa & I competed in eliteclass schutz, she did some moments more or less good! The success of the day, was that Rusa did the best schutzprogram of nine Elitecompetitors!! The totalscore wasn't so good, but we knows that it is there!!

Ocean has been x-rayed, the result went hd C/C and ed 0/0, aa little sad but Ocean will hopefully won't have any problems with it!

The F-litters MH description is updated, check Litters/Results - F-litter- Result - click on MH or
click HERE!

What a successful weekend! On Saturday our dogclub arranged an obediencecompetition in class I-Elite.Rusa & I competed in Eliteclass and finally we won the class on 287p and got a 1st prize!

Annica & Elda started in class II, there were 11 competitors and they also won their class on 177,50 p and got a 1st prize!!

Finally Chilra & I and Sandra & Dexter(Fire Stick) started in class I with 11 competitors. Chilra & I won also our class on 177 p and got a 1st prize, Sandra & Dexter came on 5th place and also got a 1st prize!!

I'm so proud and big Congratulations to Annica & Sandra!!

On Sunday we had our yearly clubcompetition for workingdog & obediencedogs. I only started in workingclass with Chilra & Rusa. I broke the contest with Chilra, she tracked well but a little bushy. Than I tracked with Rusa, she do it very well as most of the times! Finally we won our clubcompetition, so now we are clubchampions for the 2nd consecutive year!!

At last again, we are out in cyberspace again after a comp.failure! I want all of you that I've been in contacte to send me your emailaddresses again, the disappeared in the crash! Finally some news in a shorter version! This has happended:
Week 33 we had a nice kennelcamp, also this year with some visitors that has driven a longer way, from southern & north part of Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Norway! We had MH-description for the F-litter, 6 out of 7 pups came and did a good result!! Some of the dogs has been to shows.

Dexter has taken two CAC:s with BOB and one R-CACIT, at the show on Gotland he won over 2 Ch.males!!

Ocean has taken her first Swedish CAC!!

The siblings Bita & Jeppe is x-rayed with the result hd B/B and ed 0/0!!

Dinga & Maria has as Snjos second equipage approved the inoff.herdingtests for Acd:s!!

Annica & Elda has advanced to eliteclass tracking, this before that Elda went 2 y/o!!

CONGRATULATIONS to You All for the good results and for taking so good care of your dogs!!

Finally, Rusa has became Swedish WorkingdogChampion(SE BCH), she is the 3rd Acd in Sweden thru all times that has got this title! She did an excellent trackingcompetition with nice points, we has also done a very good schutzcompetition where we missed the Certificate with 1,25 p! I'm so proud and happy over Rusa!!

At last some updates! The last week we drove a longer journey to & thru Germany! One of the reasons with this journey, was to check if we could find some intresting males for future litters! I will write about this in a couple of days & will also update the poor Gallery(Other Cattledogs) who hasn't got so much time!
So, we have one positive news and one news who is a little negativ!

Snjos Blue Free spirit"Fixa" has been x-rayed with the very excellent result hd A/A & ed 0/0! Congratulations Jenny & Fixa!!

The little negative resultat is that the x-ray on "Dino". Dino got hd C/B(fair&good) & ed 1/0(mild&excellent). For about a year ago Dino tore his cruciate ligament in his left hindleg. It wouln't be better than Dino got hd C at the "injured" leg and also ed 1 on the same side. According to veterinarian so got Dino his ed 1 just because that he has overloaded his left frontleg because of the injury on the cruciate ligament! A little sad, but Annette is not worried at all about this, Dino hasn't any pain and he doesn't limp and he work excellent in their work!
Also a big THANKS to Annette & Kai who lent beds on our journey home to Sweden!!

Congratulations to Annica & Elda who joined a show the 4/7, Elda got her 2nd CAC & BIR, judge was Andrew Brace!!

We also Congratulate Edwin De Vries & Bora, Nederland who this weekend competed in the Worldchampionship for Rescuedogs in Czeck Republic!! Very good work of you, the first Snjos-dog joining a Worldchampionship!!

Today we Congratulate the good B-litter on their 5th Birthday!!

Last Saturday 100619, Sandra & "Dexter" was at a show again, it went very well. Dexter got 1st prize with HP! Congratulations again Sandra for a nice result!

The showsuccesses is just keep on comming for the F-litter! Today Fire Stick"Dexter" was at the Swedish Winnershow. The judge said it was a very promising juniormale! It could hardly has gone better. Dexter got CK and was finally placed as 2nd best male of 5 male(3 males was Champions)and got his 2nd CAC!! Congratulations Sandra!! Take a look at pics&critic on Sandra&Dexters own page!

Yesterday 100612 Falling Snowflake"Ocean" and Camilla was on a show too! Ocean got 1st prize with HP!! Congratulations Camilla! Now we are looking forward to your competitions in work & obedience!

Last weekend 100606 also their brother Flaming Arrow"Jeppe" was on a show. It went great their too! Jeppe got his 2nc CAC & BOB!! Congratulations Tarzan & Anna!!
br> And some reports of Rusas health! I took Rusa to a masseur at Thursday and it showed that Rusa has an inflammation of the brackets in her back, so now she is eating anti-inflammatory and analgesic tablets for 10 days! So we aren't able to train so much now and we can't start competing until in the end of July! well, I just hope that she will be alright again!

We start with the latest news! We got the result of Fair Dinkums"Dinky" x-ray result, it went excellent! Dinky got hd A/A and ed 0/0! Could it be better! Congratulations Karin & Dinky!!

This Saturday Free Spirit "Fixa and her owner Jenny went to their first official show! And what a start, Fixa got CK, Cert, BOB and finally BIS-4 in a group of 13 dogs! She got very nice critics from the judge Birthe Larsen-Rosvall! Congratulations Jenny & Fixa!!

Rusa & I has been on two trackingcompetitions this weekend, it didn't went so well as I wanted. She is a wonderful tracker and it was diffcult circumstances in the tracks and many dogs didn't find the track at all. But Rusa doesn't feel totaly ok, I will take her to a masseur to check her up!

This weekend Rusa & I competed in lower class search. We won the class and advance to higherclass on 527,75 p! Sadly Rusa got an injury on Sunday, there was an education for schutzfigurants & in one of the moments Rusa whined and limped a little after, hopefully it's "only" a tension. They week will show if we can compete this weekend!

Congratulations to the F-litter who is 1 years old today!!

Brynja & Malin is continuing their success. This Saturday 100522 on a very sunny day, they started in goth their 3rd stick in Agilityclass I and advanced to class II! On a very rainy Sunday, the got their 2nd stick in jumpingclass!! You are so great! Congratulations again!

Rusa & I started this Saturday in protectionsport competitions. Rusa wasn't feeling so great. Probably she was both fysical & mentally tirede in the wake of her heat, so we broke the contest. There is more competitons to come!

Yes, more positive news! "Dizza"(Djanda) is x-rayed with Hd A & Ed 0!! Congratulations Pia!!

Yet another positive result,"Brix"(Darrk) in Norway is now x-rayed, the result went Hd B(good) & Ed 0! Very nice, Congratulations to the result Irene!

Brynja is going very well now even if its Stewe or Malin who is competing with her. This weekend Malin competed in agilityclass o jumpingclass with Brynja. During Saturdag 8/5 they came on 2nd place & got a stick in agilityclass I, and as the icing on the cake they came on 5th place and took their first stick in jumpingclass I on Sunday 9/5!! You are so great - Congratulations to you!!! We also say Congratulations to Christianne(mother to Malin) who got the 2nd stick with her dog Tilda in jumpingclass II!!

So, we have got the first obedienceresult from the F-litter, little Free Spirit "Fixa" & Jenny,competed in class I 8/5 and got nice 167 p, even if the missed their favoritemoment! CONGRATULATIONS Jenny & Fixa, very good work!!

Dinger"Dino" who lives in Denmark, has been to his first show, he got the judgement Very Good. The judge Rodi Hübental, Sweden thought however that Dino could be better developed for his age!! Hmm, Dino is still not 2 years old and pretty strong right now! Well well, thanks Annette for showing him, but I think that he will get some nice results at future shows even if the "sport" doesn't belong to Annettes favorite thing to do!
Dino & Annette has also started their first Rallyobediencecompetitions, who went well. They got fine 82 p. Dino has also been trying to herding sheeps together with sister "Xena". Dino showed very nice herdinginstincts so Annette was really impressed!!

Even this weekend was a success!! On Saturday 100502 it was Malin & Brynjas turn to compete, this time in Agilityclass I and it went so well! Malin & Brynja did an excellent race and came in 2nd place among 80 other competitors and got their first stick!CONGRATULATIONS Malin, you are so good!

On Sunday 100503 it was father Stewes turn to compete again with Brynja, this time in lower class tracking. And it went excellent for them too! Stewe & Brynja won the class and advance to higher class tracking on very nice 504,5 p! CONGRATULATIONS again Stewe!! Little B is superb, in one week she has advanced to two different classes(search & track) and also got a stick in agility!!

During the Sunday, Sandra & Fire Stick "Deter" also did their start on an official show! Even that went excellen, Dex got CAC & BOB! Dex got really nice critic and the jugde Bob Rushton fr.England told that he didn't gave the CAC to Dex just because he was alone in the race, beyond that he was a fine specimen!! The critics is on his own page! CONGRATULATIONS Sandra!!

Darel is x-rayed with the result Hd B(good) and Ed 0! Nice with the positive x-rays! Congratulations to fam.Warnlöf/Fernhagen for the nice result!

So than to the negative result Devil's Blue "Sam", is x-rayed, he got hd D & ed 0! Really sad, but with the fact in our hands we can see that the x-ray hasn't been done as it should and we will do it again. They had to take 8 plates !!! before the pic was ok, the also tied Sams legs because they couldn't keep his legs, partly because he is so muscled and that the he resisted despite the sedation! Really really sad but to get a fair assessment of the hips, then of course the premise that it is done right! So we will wait and see until the next x-ray!

What a weekend! During Saturday 100424 Annica & Elda was competing in lower class tracking, and how it went! The came on 2nd place and advanced to higher class! Big CONGRATULATIONS to you, it's impressive given that Elda is only 1½ y/o!! We are looking forward to upcomming competitions!

Also Stewe & Brynja competed in lower class search at Sunday 100425. It went great there too!! The advanced to higher class search! Big congratulaions to you too!!
I'm very proud as breeder over what you are performing with your dogs!!!

Rusa & I also competed in eliteclass tracking on Saturday, we got an approved result. Rusa was a little distracted, but she is going to be in heat any day now, but although it was the first competition for the year we are very satiesfied!

CONGRATULATIONS on the 2-years day to all of the dogs in the D-litter!!

Continued positive news! Yesterday 100417, Flaming Arrow "Jeppe" was at his first official show as he is a growned up boy now! And how it went, Jeppe got his first CAC and become BOS!! Big Congratulations to you! What a nice continuations on your showcareer!!

Also sister Feather Shedding "Bita" has been to her first official show today. It went very well, Bita got 1st prize with HP and very good critic(check her own page, Litters) from the judge Yvonne Brink! Congratulations Carina & Bita!!

Today, the stable Elda did her MH! It went great, Elda is a social, playful, quite serious and has good reactions on the moments and don't have any negative remainings! She got a 3 on the shots, she was very intrested in the shooter, but we new this, but her reactions is only positive to the shots & the shooter. I guess it's called controlfreak........! Congratulations Annica & Elda, we are looking forward to your upcomming workingcompetitions now!

It has happened things this weekend! The puppies has moved to their new homes & everything seems to work out the way it should, look at their own pages!!(G-litter)

Maria & "Tuva" competed in higherclass tracking this weekend, and how the first competitions for the season started!!They won the class and advanced to eliteclass tracking!! Big CONGRATULATIONS to you, you are super talented!!

Stewe & Brynja competed in lowerclass search, and they did a good competition again, Unfortunately, the didn't got enough points to advance to higher class, but they are on they way!!

During the Eastar, Camilla went to a show with "Ocean" i Sthlm, Ocean got a 1st prize
and the jugde gave very nice critic, read at their own homepage!

The good news for the year is keep on comming! Elda has done her x-ray, she got Hd A/A and Ed 0/0! Excellent on both, it feels great!!

Rusa & I started our first obediencecompetition for the year. It went quite well, we won the class but sadly enough we only got a 2nd prize! But Rusa did a real good work, she was really alert & happy. We did some small mistakes that I may take on me, and the judge was quite hard. But it was really fun, so now we will start some more competitions in obedience!

German Shepherd puppies is born at Thunhukenz Kennel!
Are you looking for a G.S with real workinglinesr?! Click here: Kennel Thunhukenz!

Today Gibbs & Gilgandra did their BAER-test, it went very well! Both of them has bilateral hearing, BUT the little red girl is up to her colour! She refused to fell asleep, but the most stubborn wins!!

Big Congratulations to Camilla & Ocean(Falling Snowflake) who at their first offical show today in Harstad, Norway took CK & CAC!! Well done, given that Ocean is just 9½ month old!!

This weekend the Swedish ACD club had the yearly meeting. Elda got prize as the best noviceclass(workingclass) dog of the year, Congratulaions Annica & Elda! Very well done since Elda is so young! I and Rusa captured Kennel Coyos & Filifjonkas challenge trophy for the best working ACD for the fourth consecutive year. We will fight to get the prize even this year, if so we will take the prize for ever!

100213, Stewe & Brynja competed in obedienceclass III, some small mistakes made that they didn't got any 1st prize, but Brynja was lively and thought it was fun! Well it's the first the season and the eliteclass is not so far away!!

Flaming Arrow, has once again been to a show and got HP o BOB-puppy. The jugde had a pupil this day, he wasn't so satiesfied with the other Acd:s so asked if he could see "Jeppe" again, "so that he could show to the pupil what a real cattle dog should look like". Not bad for a youngster like Jeppe!!

We also Congratulate the father of the E & G-litters, "Sinjin", who took his Showchampiontitle at the same day as the G-litter was born!! Nice Ingrid & Sinjin!!

Today we have had our annual meeting at Borlänge Workingdogclub. Rusa & I got several prizes for the past years competitions.
We got prize for: Borlänge BK:s best Workingdog, Club Champion for Workingdogs, Kennel Skogabos challenge trophy for best score for workingdogs at 0,912 p, moreover I got prize for Chilra as the best Showdog and Joel & Chilra got prize as the novice at the year!! It's really nice!!

They are finally here!! The G-litter has seen the world. So far Chilra has got a blue male with a halfmask on left side and a spot over right eye and a small red doublemasked female!
We will see if someone else is hiding in there! Chilra has done an excellent workd but what did she do?? Well, she hasn't shown anything that she should whelp today. Her temp.hasn't been so low as it should so I counted that she should whelp at Saturday or Sunday. So for a very short while I went to a riding stables with things because our dogclub will have an obediencecompetition there tomorrow. She was just a little whining this afternon but nothing else, so I went there and when I came back, less than an hour she had got her blue boy - in our bed!! But that doesn't matter, Chilra and the boy who just was cleaned felt excellent and less than two hours later Chilra got her little doublemasked girl!! You didn't see that Chilra had any obstetric labor! She is a real good mom and she is laying around them like a ball. Check for pics at the Puppies side!

What a nice continuation at the new year! Edwin & Bora in Holland, took 100207 their certificate in the highest class for rescuedogs in areasearch! They has also now qualified for the Worldchampionchip for Rescuedogs 2010!! We are so happy and proud over this, dogs that can be used for duty, competition and as a familydog!!

The sisters "Ocean" & "Bita" has 100207 been to their first puppyshow. Both got 1:st prize, HP, but Ocean beat Bita and went BOB-puppy!! Congratulations to all four of you!!

At last out at the Internet again, after computerproblems! Congratulations again to Tarja & Anna in Finland, who again has been to a show with "Jeppe". "Jeppe" went BOB-puppy with a very nice critic from the judge, take a look at his own page under Litters!

Chilra is healthy and is getting bigger, she will move here this weekend before the whelping!

German Shepherd puppies is expected at Thunhukenz Kennel!
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The good news is keep on comming! Congratulations to the two owners Tarja & Anna who went to the first show with Flaming Arrow "Jeppe". "Jeppe" went BOB-puppy and got very good critic from the judge Tapio Eerola. Look at "Jeppes" own page!

The second good news for the year. Chilra is in whelp, we did ultrasound today! Even this inseminationlitter seems to be small, but we saw that there will be some more pups this time!!

So now we have the first positiv news for the year!
Congratulations to Sandra who showed Fire Stick "Dexter" at MyDog in Gothenburg and got 1st prize with HP & BOB-puppy. The judge José Vidal, Portugal gave him very nice critic. Read on "Dexters" own page!
In the puppyfinal little Dexter was picked out as one of top 10 of the pups, this was among over 40 other puppies! Dexter wasn't placed as top 5, but it's very nice that he was placed so well among so many other!

Now we are changing side to 2010, and have high hopes that this year will have as much success as 2009! We hope for new puppies, good training & competing possibilities and other funny things as our kennelcamp and other meetings!




©Elisabeth Thorstensson 2006