News 2009

• 091218
Chilra is eyechecked and clear 091210! Chilra is now also inseminated both Sunday & Monday 13-14/12, so now we high hopes of puppies late due at week 6!!

• 091206
Big CONGRATULATIONS to Edwin & Bora who has done the test for Areasearch class A, and got another Certificate for Rescuedogs! Very good work and I'm very proud over you!!

Chilra is in heat, so soon we will do the insemination!!

• 091114
A real successful day again! Chilra got her second title today in one week - KORAD!! She got an approved result on the exteriordescription today(who goes along with the mentalitytest), I also showed her in Championclass and she got CK & BOB!

The other great news is that Sandra & Fire Stick "Dexter" went to their first show, it went very well! He got HP/BOB and finally BIG-2!!His critic was very nice! Big congratulations to you both!!

• 091108
What a lovely weekend! Today we congratulate Pia & Dizza who started their first competition in obedienceclass I, and how they did it!! They got very nice 175 p and got a first prize, they also won the class among 15 other competers! Really well done of you, we are looking forward to upcomming competitions for you!!

• 091107
Great news again! Chilra did today her mentalitytest and got an approved result on great 463 p, and when she approved this mentalitytest she also got her title SUCH, Swedish Showchampion!! It's the third Showchampion from the kennel!!

Maria & Brytha has also competed today in higherclass tracking, she got and approved result on 453,5 p!! Good working of you!!

• 091103
Great competetionnews again!
Dogs from our Kennel is now represented in all of the four sports for workingdogs: tracking, search, protectionsport and reportsport!!
Annica & Elda competed in noviceclass in reportsport and how they did it!!They won their class on 275,5 p and advanced to lower class, they also had the best obedienceprogram of 16 dogs in the noviceclass!! You are GREAT with your work!!

Stewe & Brynja did also competed this weekend in lowerclass of search, Brynja was a little tired but they got an approved result anyway!! Now it will be wintertraining for the springseason!

• 091019
This Sunday, Stewe & Brynja started their first competition in obedienceclass III. Brynja did some mistakes in some moments, so the points wasn't enough. But as I know that Stewe is very goal-oriented I'm sure that the 1st prize is quite close!! Good work of you anyway!

Rusa & I also started in our Clubmastership for workingdogs. We won the workingclass and Rusa did an excellent work in both tracking and above all in the obedience, where we got 290,5 p out of 300p even if she is in heat now!!

• 091017
Today we say CONGRATULATIONS to Annica & Elda, who started their first trackingcompetition and got the fine result on 250,5 p and advanced to lower class!! We are very proud over you, especially when Elda is just only 1 y/o! Keep up the good work and you will do success in the highest classes!!

• 091004
On Saturday, Ove & Braske started their first official competition in agilityclass and jumpingclass I. It went quite well, they was disqualified in agilityclass because of a little mistake from Ove, but they did very well in jumpingclass. They got some faults but they was placed in the middle of the competitiors. Good work of you!!

Ylva & Dorak has been on a herdingcamp this weekend and Dorak who is working very well at sheeps, was tested on cows for the first time. He thought that it was very fun after a little while. We have some expectations that you will start some herdingcompetitons later on! ;))

Rusa & I started on a third sport this weekend, we competed in lowerclass of search. It went well, Rusa worked very good as usual but I did a little mistake and we missed one figurant in a little area that we didn't searched. Rusa did an excellent work in the obedience so we got an approved result this time. I hope that we will advance the next time!

• 091001
Stewe & Brynja started lower class search, Brynja search very well, but some small mistakes did, that they only got one figurant. Well it's good with experience in competitions, than it will work out excellent next time!!

Congratulations to Snjos Blue Bora, who did her exam in disastersearch 090926! Now she has certificate in the highest level(B) for SAR-dogs!! They also competed in the championship on Sunday 090927 and came in 6th place!! Very good work among all other very experienced dogs!!

• 090927
First, Congratulations to Maria & Tuva(Brytha) who competed in higherclass tracking 090926. They got an approved result with only 6,5 p left to advance to eliteclass! You are so good, the next time you will take it!!

Yesterday Rusa & I competed in eliteclass tracking. It went very well, we was two groups with 10 persons in every group. Rusa did an excellent work in both obedience, tracking & the thingsearch. We won our group on fine 593 p and got our 2nd workingcertificate!! Rusa is really in top form now! I hope that we can get our 3rd workingcertificate soon, Rusa will than become Swedish WorkingChampion, but the competitionseason is nearly over now, so we'll see when we get it!!
Thank to all my friend and clubmates for your encouraging words!!

• 090921
More competitonnews! Yesterday 090920, Rusa & I competed in eliteschutz. It went very well in all moments, both tracking, search, thingsearch, obedience & the schutzprogram! We got certificatepoint on fine 675,50 p and came in 3rd place! Rusa is an excellent workingdog and really does everything she can and that will do quite far!! :))

• 090912
Again, more great competitionnews!! Annica & Elda started their first obediencecompetitons in class I today, and how it went! They got 167 p and a 1st prize!! Big Congratulations to you both, to note: Elda is only 11 month old! Now we are waiting for their start in trackingcompetition later this autum, it will be real exciting to see them. Elda who seems to have a concentration that is incredible!

• 090906
More great news for the kennel!! 5/9 Joel & Chilra started in novice(appell)class tracking and Stewe & Brynja in lowerclass tracking. It went very well for Joel & Chilra, the advanced to lower class!
Congratulations to you both, real good work!!
It started very well for Stewe & Brynja, and in the track the found 7 sticks but something went wrong before the last stick(totaly 8 sticks), so the time went up!! They did an excellent work, and Brynja tracked very well. Congratulations to you for a good work, you will take it in the next competition!!

• 090902
Great news! The first X-ray result on the D-litter has arrived. Dorak has hd A/A ed 0/0!!

• 090824
This Saturday 090822, Chilra got her 3rd CAC & BOB, the judge was Harry Hermansson. Now we are just waitiing for other merits so this handsome girl can become Swedish Showchampion!!

• 090810
This weekend & last weekend it has been some competitions. Malin & Brynja started their first competetion the last weekend in agility & jumpingclass. It went well, they got only 5 faults in jumpingclass but disqualified with small marginal in agilityclass, we know that you are good so better luck next time!

This weekend Rusa & I competed in eliteclass tracking, on Saturday it was a real awful track, Rusa tracked very well but found only 4 of 8 trackingsticks, so I didn't do the rest in the competitions, because it was to hot and I should compete on Sunday too.
That competition went very well, Rusa did an excellent tracking and finally we won the class and took our first Working Certificate!! I'm so happy & satiesfied, Rusa is tracking so good!

• 090714
The puppies has been checked at the veterinary today for their delivery, everything was fine with them at all!

Rusa & I has competed in tracking in Jδrvsφ today. It went very well, we got Certificatpoints again, this time we got 555p! I'm very satiesfied with her work, hopefully we will be close to a Certificate in tracking soon! It will be much training this comming week, we will have a Kennelcamp from Wednesday - Sunday! It will be real nice to meet everyone!

• 090710
Elda was at her first official show arranged by the Swedish Kennelclub today, and how it went! The judge, Per Svarstad, Norway was totaly lyric over Elda. He said that he has judged a lot of ACD:s in Australia but he has never seen such a good dog! I'm so proud as breeder & co-owner to Elda to hear that! Elda got her first CAC and became BOB! Good work in the ring today Annica!!
The critic was following: (after swedish translation)
Tremendous wellbuilt and compact. Excellent head. Good expression. Powerful neck. Excellent topline. Beautiful rounded croup?? Powerful cheast. Compact body. Excellent bonestructure. Good legs & feet. Excellent coat & colour. Excellent movments. Excellent showed.

• 090707
Ylva & Dorak went this Sunday to SACK:s(ACD-club) show in Eskilstuna. Dorak got 1:a prize,HP in Juniorclass and became best juniormale with nice critic! Congratulations to you!!

Also "little" Elda has been out on an adventure, she has started to herding sheeps for the first time, and how it went! Check Eldas homepage here!!

The father to the F-litter, Hillhaven Journey To Suomi, has also visit a show this weekend. He got his 2nd CAC and the owner Anna, also showed her female Hillhaven Supa Diamond, who got her 1st CAC! Congratulations Anna to the success!

• 090704
Chilra & I went to another show today at Sandviken Workingdogclub, judge was Sonny ström. It went excellent, Chilra got CK, her 2nd CAC & BOB! The critic was real nice!

• 090702
Today we did the hearingtest(BAER-test) on the F-litter. It went excellent! All the pups has bilateral hearing, so good!!!

• 090630
Ylva & Dorak has been to a herdingcamp, it has gone very good for them, they also did the unofficial HIT, and it went very well, they got real nice points! Keep up the good herdingwork!!

• 090629
Valparna är DNA-testade fφr PRA typ A eller B, svaret kommer fφrhoppningsvis v.28!

• 090614
Another day for competition! And it went very well this day also! We competed in eliteclass tracking and we got 533 p and got Certificatepoints today too!! And in what weather, extremly raining all day, very windy, small lakes in the forrest and at the obedienceplace! But Rusa did it all so well! She is so lovely!

• 090613
Today, Rusa and I did a schutzhundcompetition, it went very well!! We got 644,25 p so we got Certificatepoints! She didn't get any points in two of the moments in the obedience, one of the moments she usually do perfect! But since yesterday afternoon it has been constantly raining, so it was very wet all over the grass! But I'm so satiesfied with my sweet wonderful Rusa, and what points we should got if we didn't missed the two obediencemoments! Well, more competitions is to come.....!!

• 090606
Congratulations to Bora & Edwin who has competed in the German Championship for Rescuedogs. They competed in level A of Disastersearch and the took the 1 st place! Very good work of you!!

• 090606
Chilra & I went to a show today, it went excellent! Chilra got CK, CAC & BOB, we also join the Group 1 final and became BIG-5!! She got very nice critic of the judge Maciej Kozber, Polen, who was very charmed of Chilra! I'm so happy & proud over the result!!

• 090601
Congratulations to Stewe & Brynja, who 090529 competed in obedienceclass II and got a 1st prize and came in 2nd place! They also got their LPII(obediencecertificate for class II)!! We also congratulate Stewes wife Christianne, who also competed in obedienceclass I with her dog, they also got a 1st prize and won the class!! Nice working, family Simson!!

• 090524
Yes! At last they are here! After a long waiting they came out a couple of days over the expected time! Bilda gave birth to seven puppies this night! We got four females and three males! Everything went great and all was finished in five hours! Mother & pups seems to feel great!!

• 090522
Rusa & I has started two trackingcompetitions, but it hasn't been the result that we wanted. The first competition went well at finding the track, but in just a short of time it went wrong, and Rusa couldn't keep the track. The second time it was a little mess from the beginning but she came on the track and found four sticks, but after that she lost the track. Probably a little my fault, but we had mooses on the track and the went away just near us when we came near! Well we hope that we can join some more competitions and show how real good Rusa is as a tracker! Today 24/5 we should been started in a schutzcompetition but as Bilda got her pups we cancelled the competition. Well it's only a competition and more is to come and the pups is the most important!!

• 090504
At Sunday 090502 "Tuva" was mentalitytested, sadly it didn't work out as we thought! Tuva didn't want to play with other persons and she reacted strange in some moments, moments that went very well at the MH(youthtest). Tuva got 252 p so she didn't approve the test, but we still know that Tuva works out very well in training & competition with Maria. And Tuva is still the lovely dog as she was before the test!!

• 090501
Today it was premier for Annica & Elda in the showring! And how it went out! Elda was going in puppyclass 4-6 month, she got 1st prize, HP, BOB-puppy & BIG-3! Congratulations to you both!!

• 090421
Today we congratulate the sweet D-litter who already has become 1 year old! A year goes fast!

• 090420
Great news! Bilda has been to an ultrasound and she is whelp!! They saw a hole bunch of pups!

• 090419
Maria & "Tuva" has started their 1st higher class competition in tracking, it went very well, they got an approved result! Congrats to you!!
Stewe & Brynja has competed in obedienceclass II, they got a 1st price and became the 3rd best competitors - Congrats to you too!
I'm so proud & happy that you are training & competing your dogs also with success!!

• 090418
Topi, the father to the upcomming F-litter, has done the naturetest(mentalitytest in Finland). It went well and he approved the test! Congratulations to Anna & Topi!!

• 090415
The Easter weekend has been both "vine & water". We begins with water, Rusa & I competed in Eliteclass Schutzhund. It didn't work so well, she is totaly strange in her hormones after the heat, so she was a little low, had hard to concentrate sometimes, but had her glints! Well, she is getting better, so we will start another competition in the beginning of May!

Now to the wine!! Ylva & Dorak has been to their first show! It went very well, Dorak got 1st prize, CK, and CAC!! The judge was Helen Furber from Australia. Dorak jumped a little in the ring, but the judge gave him good critic! Look at Doraks homepage
• 090323
Bilda & I have been to a successfull breedingtravel to Finland. The breeding with Bilda & Topi took place between 17-19/3! So now we hope for many puppies at week 21!! Thanks Anna for the hospitality and our real nice chat. I also meet some other nice ACD-people and we also did a short visit at Marja-Liisa and Snjos Blue Beza!! Both Topi and "Supa"(Annas young acd-female)was very nice ACD:s. Both of them could have immediatly moved to me in Sweden!!

Rusa & I had the luck to be disposed in a lottery to start an competiton in Eliteclass tracking at 21/3, sadly enough Rusa was in heat and she had a longer heat than I expected, so we had to cancel our competition!! :(( But we meet sweet little Elda with her co-owners!!

• 090223
Stewe & Brynja has competed in obedience two times the last week, they got a 2:nd prize at both times, it was some small faults but otherwise they got high points! We know that you are upcomming and will take the 1st prize the next time!!




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