News 2008

• 081204
Little Elda has today been to the hearingtest(BAER-test) and it was great, she has full hearing(Bilateral)! Very nice!!

• 081108
today we send Big CONGRATULATIONS to Maria & Brytha "Tuva" who advanced to higher class tracking with very nice 520,50 point!! I'm so proud over you! Good luck to comming competitions!

• 081025
Marja-Liisa took Beza to a Mentalitytest in Finland, Beza approved the test on fine 190 p out of 300p! Big congratulations to you both!!

• 081012
Brynja has also competed in a clubcompetiton in obedience. They came into at 6th place out of 20 competetiors. That's great, when you have had Brynja for just a couple of weeks! We are looking forward to comming reports!

• 081011
Big Congratulations to Maria & Tuva(Brytha) who became clubmasters for workingdogs at Δngelholms BK. You are great!

• 081002
Rusa gave birth to a blue female puppy. She will be namned Snjos Blue Elda(means burn/light a fire). Sadly there were only one puppy and I'm sure that Rusa was inseminated the wrong day. It's sad for all those who wanted a puppy from this combination, but this insemination will be repeted probably the next autumn! Well, both Rusa & Elda feels great!

• Since 080923 Snjos Blue Brynja, is now owned by the family Simson who lives in Uppsala. The hole family is involved with dogs and dogtraining. Brynja will be trained and competed in tracking, obedience and agility. More reports will come!

• At least some new updates, we has moved to a new house and it's a lot of things to do with it and my comp.hasn't been online for a couple of weeks but now we are here again!

• The rest of the pups has now (080619) been to the veterinarian for the examinaton. All of them was great too, so now it's only Devil's Blue who is waiting to soon go to his new home!

• Today 080615, Rusa & I started our first trackingcompetition in Eliteclass. She did it well and got
   an approved result of 480.50 points, a little trouble in the tracking but she felt probably tracks from
   the competition yesterday, that they had in the same forrest. Very nice obedience, and much
   running in the search for things. But once again Rusa approved that she has the right motivation &
   power for work. Over all I'm very satiesfied for her work!

• Four of the pups, Djanda, Fair Dinkum, Dorak & Darel has today 080612 been to the veterinarian
   for the examination. Everything was great, so soon they will go to their new homes!

• Good news, the puppies has today 080611 done their hearingtest(BAER) and all of them had full    hearing(Bilateral), very nice!!

• Chilra is x-rayed, she got HD B and ED 0/0, that's great! Her hips are probably A/B what the    vet.said, we'll see when the papers has arrived!   Now we can keep going!!

• Today 080521 we are celebrating wonderful, sweet and clever Rusa on her fifth birthday!
   Congratulations "Rusa-Busa"!

• Yesterday 080517, Rusa & I started our first Eliteclass competition in Schutzhund. The goal was to
   approve the class, and we did that! It's many moments in this form of competition and Rusa did it
   very well. Once again she maid me very proud!
   Thanks Berith & Lars for your hospitality, hope to see you soon again!

• Yes, we did it! Rusa & I, advanced to Eliteclass of tracking this day 080510. It was 9 competitors
   and we won the class. Rusa is doing very well in most of her training/competing now! We are
   looking forward to the next weekends start in Elitclass Schutzhund!

• Time for some updates for puppypics! The pups is just feeling great and is eating & growing as
   they should! The weekend it has been training from Thursday - Sunday, with good friends and
   trainingmates! My parents was looking after Bilda & the puppies, thanks for the help!
   Only one femalepuppy is still available, welcome with inquiries!

• One more little femalepuppy arrived just before 11 am!
• It began last evening and kept going all the night! The D-puppies has arrived!!
   Bilda did it all great! The first male was born 080421 at 20:57! After that it came 7 more :)!!
   Read for more under Puppies!

• I, Rusa & Brynja has started the first obediencecompetition for the year. Well, no one of the girls
   was at top. Moments that usually is clear as a bell-ringing, didn't work at all. But the dogs are no
   machines and it's many more competitions to come!
   I still enjoy Rusas advance at the competition in Schutz!

• More updates, Bilda has done an ultrasound today 080328 and is established that she is in whelp!
   It was a whole bunch of lively puppies, what would it be?!!

• More wonderful news from the dogs in the B-litter!
   Snjos Blue Bora in Holland, has done her first Disasterexam with the excellent result of 99p out of
   100p and 95p out of 100p in the obediencepart! Huge congratulations Edwin&Bora to your work,
   I'm very proud over you too!!

• It's a little success for the competitions this Easter! Maria and "Tuva"(Brytha) has competed in
   Noviceclass tracking and advanced on fine 249 points to Lowerclass!
   Big Congratulations to you both, I'm very proud over you!

• YES, We did it! Rusa & I, competed 080322 in Higherclass Schutzhund and advanced to
   Eliteclass!!I'm very proud over little Rusa. She is the first ACD ever in Sweden, who has advanced
   to Eliteclass!! More updates & pics about this is to come!!

• Bilda & I has now been to a little journey to Denmark. Bilda met her boyfriend Pargus
   and you could really say that they liked each other. Already as early in five min.from their first
   meeting they mated! We got several matings between them during this time i visited Pargus and
   the family Andersen in Denmark. Pargus is a lovely dog with a lot of will & good qualities.
   So now we hope for a hole bunch of puppies later in April!
   Many thanks to fam.Andersen for a very nice visit and to your hospitality!

• Rusa & I has done the yearly test/controll for Rescuedogs, Sunday 080217.
   It went well, so we are approved until next year! :)

• 080216 was the date that SACK, The Swedish Australian Cattledog club had the yearly meeting.
   Both Rusa & Brynja got prizes. Brynja got a encourageprize for best dog in noviceclass of search.
   Rusa got encourageprize for best trackingdog & for best schutzhound(protectionsport).
   Rusa also got a plaquette for her approved result as a Rescuedog during 2007.
   Rusa and I also won for the second year in row the Filifjonkans Challengeprize for
   best working ACD! I'm so proud over my little girls!

• Bilda has today 080208 been to an eyecheck, everything was fine!
   Bilda has also become in heat this day, so soon we will go to Denmark for mating!

• Today 080206 we have had our yearly meeting at the dogclub, Borlδnge BK, that I'm a member of.
   Rusa got the prize for best workingdog 2007, she also got the Challenge prize from
   Skogabos Kennel, as the dog who had the highest mediumpoint in competion. She had the score
   0,92 p out of possible 1,0p.! Sweet and good working little Rusa!

• Congratulations to Coolak & Chilra who celebrated their 1st birthday 080124!!

• This weekend we have had a little trainingcamp with our traininggroup and some invited friends.
   It's good to have had a short winterbreak with the training, now we are looking forward to the
   training & competitionseason!




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