News 2007

• Good news! Muad'dib's Blue Pargus(who will be breed to Bilda) has today 071227 been for a
   Baer-test in Denmark. He is Bilateral hearing!!
   Thanks Bo, for doing this long trip to the veterinary!!

• So, now we have been to the Nordic Winner show in Stockholm 071215. Little Chilra did fine, both
   in the ring and outside. She got good critic and got a 1st prize with HP(honourprize). Bilda did also
   do fine and got a 1st prize, but she was totaly out of coat and just for the showday she got
   "watertail" as it's called. She was swimming in cold water some days before the show, and got this
   inflammation in her tail. Poor Bilda, this condition is quite painful for the dog. Well a new year is
   waiting, with hopefully puppies and a lot of training and competitions for the dogs, and we can join
   other shows later next year!!

• Bilda will be breed to the danish male Muad'dib's Blue Pargus in Jan-Feb.
   Pargus and his owner is training for the Dansk Politehundeforening(Danish Policedogclub)
   in Fredriksborg.
   I expect puppies that will be stabile, with a nice temperament and a lot of workingcapacity.
   Welcome with inquiries!

• Big Congratulations to Maria and Tuva(Brytha)who has 071111 been competing in
   obedienceclass I . They got 162p and a 1st prize, and can now move forward to class II!
   We are very happy and proud over you!

• Rusa and I has been on a education for SAR-dog handlers between 8-15/11. The first four days is
   for National duty and the four last days are for International duty. Rusa has now got her SAR-dog
   certificate and we are recommended to do the upcomming tests for the International SAR-dog
   team in Sweden.

• Rusa & I starded our 2nd competition in higher class protectionwork 071104 in Norrkφping.
   Rusa worked so well and got very high points. She just missed the same moment in the protection
   as the competiton before this. It seems like Rusa get some flashbacks from the competition where
   she hurted her self. She do this moment very well at our trainings, but it seems that it has been a
   memorized situation in competiton. We got very high points 509p, and we missed the advancing to
   the next class with 18,5 p, just because she missed one moment! But we places us as 2nd of 5
   competitors. Now we are going to an education for SAR-dogs, and after that we will go to a
   trainingcamp, and it will be a lot of training on this protectionmoment that she missed!

• Today 070930 it was Brynjas turn to compete. We started in the noviceclass(namned appellclass) in
   forrestsearch. It went very well. It was four competitors in the class. Brynja and I won the class an
   was the only ones who advanced to the next class. The points was fine, 263,50 out of 300 p. She so
   sweet & good little-B!!!

• Rusa & I competed in higher class of Protectionwork 070922. Rusa approved the class, and I'm
   very satiesfied with her work. Especially her work in the protection, but she forced so hard in the
   figurant at one of the moments( where the muzzle is used) so she hurt her self a little. So she didn't
   go forward in the last moment, probably because she felt some pain. But one "dogmasseaur"
   check Rusa after the competetion and she felt o.k. Just a little sore point at her front. She could
   had gone a little better in the obedience and the "thingsearch" but I'm very proud over Rusa. I
   can't remind me that another ACD has approved the higher class in protectionwork, but I'm sure
   it's not many anyway! ;) Rusa got the total score of 437,25p.

• Rusa & I competed in higher class of Tracking this Sunday 070910. Sadly enough it went a little
   wrong. Rusa did an excellent work when she found the track and the judges had given us maximal
   points for that, she was tracking real fine but missed some peg. And then we are comming nearer
   to the end of the track......and what happens? Well, who is sitting in the crate in the car, barks when
   she see us. Rusa is looking up from the track, and sees at the same time the trackingreciever,
   Helena, Elias & Bilda near the cars. Rusa is tracking forward down agains the cars where the
   person who did the track went out. Where was the final peg?? you have to have the finalpeg to
   continue the competiton. We went back and tried to search for the peg because the times hasn't
   ran out... The time ran out and after that I found the peg just 40 m from the back of my car, :(( Just
   before the start I asked if I could park my car there, just because the dogs shouldn't see anything
   and so they didn't disturbe......!! Sure, Rusa did tracking forward but she really was disturbed.
   Rusa tracked real good but what did that help!? I break the competition without doing the
   obedience & the search for>   lydnad. Sadly enough there aren't any trackingcompetions
   left of this year that we could join. I'll guess that we'll have to put the power for this at spring 2008.
   The next upcomming competition is higher class of protectionwork 22/9, something I really looking
   forward too!! Rapports will come........

• Maria & "Tuva" has been to a show in Sofiero 070909. Tuva got a 2:nd prize. The judge wanted
   her to be more powerful in head and bone, but otherwise she had good critic!

• Great news!! Today 070826 Helena & Bilda was joining a Dog Show at Gagnef-Floda
   Workingdogclub. It went very well. Bilda got CAC, CK and BOB!!
   Congratulations to you both!!

• Rusa & I started our second competition in protectionwork yesterday 070811. It went very well!
   Rusa and I won the class and advanced to the next class(called Higher Class) and got very high
   points. We got 551.75 p out of total 600 p. Rusa is a real good dog, thanks to my
   trainingfigurants/companions especially Johnny, Daniel & Erik, without you it's not possible!
    - Today 070812 Rusa & I started in higher class tracking, but Rusa felt a little tired and
   unconcentrated and she only found two trackingpegs so I took her of the track and break the
   competition. Rusa is usually a real good tracker, so we will compete soon again!

• Eva & Chilra has been to their first show together. It went very well. Chilra got very good critic

   from the judge and become BOB puppy with HP and and after that she became BIS 3 puppy!
   Congratulations to you both!

• Rusa & I competed in elitclass obedience 070728, bus Rusa was a little "low" so we break the
   competition. Rusa is in a period were she is thinking that she is pregnant!

• Brynja did today 070722 her Mentalitytest(Korning) with great result. She did all very well & had
  great fun! Brynja got 502 p out of total 600 p. I'm so proud over her!!
  The result of the test will soon be available at the Resultpage.

• Today 070627 we celebrate the B-children, Braske, Bora, Beza, Brytha, Bilda & Brynja on their
   2 years day!!

• Today 070617, Rusa did her finaltest for SAR-dogs, and she got an approved result!! I'm so happy
   over my sweet Rusa!

• Rusa and I has start our first competetion in protectionwork 070609. Rusa did very well and had an    approved result.

• Bilda and Rusa has been to a show. Bilda went to the show 070602 and she got 1st prize and HP
   (Honour of prize), with very good critic. Rusa went to a show 070603 and got 1st prize with good

• Time for a little updating. Quite lot of things has be done. I have competed with both Rusa and
   Brynja in tracking. Rusa approved to higher class, but Brynja has not been so concentrated on the
   competions. Rusa has also done an operation in her throat. She is now fully recoverd, and we train
   a lot for upcomming competitions.
   Check also on upcomming litter. Snjos Blue Beza(lives in Finland) is in heat and will be mated to
   Mustantuulen Helge.

• Bilda has today 070409 done her MH(youthtest). She did it very well, so both I and Helena(where
   Bilda live) is very satiesfied with the result! New pics on them at Bildas page!

• The puppies from the C-litter is now in their new home. Coolak lives in Finland and Chilra in
   Nacka, Stockholm!

• Bilda will do her MH(youthdescription for mentality) the 9/4 at Hofors Dogclub! It will be exciting!

• Today 070315 Coolak and Chilra has been and done the hearingtest(BAER). Most sadly Coolak
   only had full hearing on his left ear and no hearing on his right ear. This will most certainly not
   affect his workingability in any way. Little Chilra had full hearing!

• At the yearly meeting for the ACD-club 070310, Rusa won the prize for the best working ACD at
   2006! You can count that we will work hard to win the prize for 2007 too! :)

• A year goes fast. Today 070305 it's a year since little sweetheart Ambra tragical passed away.
   Her loss is still deply felt!

• Today 070303 it was competitionpremier for Brynja. We started the obedienceclass I, and with
   totaly 14 competitors we won the class with 172,5 points(out of 200p). Little Brynja was very good,
   and now it will be a tough program for obedienceclass II and, for the first trackingcompetition at

• Excellent news today 070209. Braskes result from the x-ray is hd A/A ed 0/0, and long last
   Bildas x-ray result came, and it's hd B/B ed 0/0!
   The whole B-litter is clear from hip/elbow diseases!!(we just wait for the official ED result for Bora,
   but it looked good!)Very nice!!

• The puppies Coolak & Chilra is today 070131 one week old, both they and Rusa is feeling great!
   Other news, Bildas is now x-rayed here in Sweden to get an official result, her brother Braske is
   also x-rayed. So now it's a little tense waiting for the result!

• Rusa has today 070124 got two puppies, one female and one male. Both of them with doublemask.
   Mother and puppies seems to feel great! The female Chilra will be owned by me, but will live with
   Eva,Torbjφrn and the rottweiler Asta in Stockholm.
   The male Coolak will go to his father Helge and his family in Finland!

• More good news from Holland! Bora has got her first certificate in areasearch,
   not so far away to be approved as SAR-dog! Congratulations to you both!!

• GOOD NEWS, Bora in Holland is x-rayed with the result hd A/A!!




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