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Then some fast & short news! Rusa is in heat, so soon it will be insemination & hopefully we will get some nice puppies in the middle of May!

The Kennel has been expanded with a German Shepherdboy! His name is To-Fast Zgusse "Zanthos" & he is imported from Denmark, hopefully he will become a policedog in the future! He's a real nice dog who seems to have everything right in both his mind and body!He is one year old today 10/3 fyller han 1 år. More info will be updated later on Dogs!

Gibbs is eyechecked and clear except that he had some few hairs on his upper right eyelid(distiachis), but this won't probably be any problems at all either for him or for using him for breeding as the vet.says!

Several news in the beginning of this year!
Rusa will be breed in the beginning of this year, probably in Feb/Mar, check under Plans! Last year has been fantastic with Rusa. As the first competitor in a Working Dog Championship with an Acd, one can not but be proud. The seasonal best lists has also come and Rusa & I came on 2nd place as the Workingdog of the year for Schutzdogs!! Not bad for a "new" breed in the Schutzcompetiton!!

Hrym has moved on to the test at Anna Hjulström in Fagersta, it seems to work out really fine so Hrym will probably be staying there with a co-owner agreement!

Year 2011:s last results! Both Malin Simson with "Brix" & her mother Christanne Simson with "Furia" competed in obedienceclass I in Östhammar 26/12. It went great and both of them got a 1st price, Malin & Brix got 163,5 p & Christanne & Furia got165 p! So this time the daughter was beeten of her mother!! Big Congratulaions to you both!!

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