Our Dogs


Wallaroo Goldrush

The imported breedingfemale of the kennel. A female with real good workingqualities & nerves. Mother to B, C & E litter.

Snjos Blue Chilra

The only female in Rusas second litter. A girl with courage, good temperament and what it seems good workingcapacity & also very wellbuilt.
Mother to G-litter.

Snjos Red Gilgandra

The only femalepup in the G-litter(inseminationlitter). A very social, lively female who seems to have a lot of workingcapacity and courage!
The owner of Gilgandra "Gilla" is Dennis Söderqvist, but the kennel will buy a litter in the future. If she will be breed, depends on if her hips & elbows will be without remarks and that she pass the MH(youthtest mentality)with a good result!


Snjos Blue Darrk

Darrk"Brix" has come back from Norway. Brix is approved and available in breedingprogram for suitable females.
He is a wellgoing male with a very social behavior, with a big ability for work, stabile with good nerves and loves to struggle!
Brix has hd B(good!) ed 0, correct & full dention, bilateral hearing(BAER-test),
Mh-description with very good result. Hasn't been to any conformation yet.
Brix might be for sale to the right person who has ambitions for work & competition!

Snjos Red Hrym

Hrym is living at Anna Hjulström & her boyfriend, little son & the female Phoebe. Hyrm is owned by me and hopefully he will become a new breedingdog for the kennel. Anna is also training a lot with him & they will also compete in different sports!
Hrym is a really lovely boy & he is really social, loves to struggle & has a little seriousness sometimes!

To-Fast Zgusse "Zanthos"

Zanthos is bought from Denmark, the thougt is that he will be my dutydog. He is a real nice male who seems to have a lot potential for work and duty! He is pre-xrayed with Hd A & Ed 0!
So far we are very satiesfied with him, Zanthos will soon do the MH-description.(mentality youthtest)

Dogs in our memory

Snjos Blue Brynja

Brynja, the dog who really loved the life & nearly almost had a smile on her lips!
Your life here on earth was far too short!  

Snjos Blue Ambra


Snjos Blue Ambra

My most faithfull and selfsacrifying dog!

Tisnarvikens Blå Doris

Female to my first litter. My lovely, stubborn, sulky and cuddly "Dorran" who lived for 12 years,

 (more info.about her will come)

Tisnarvikens Blå Arafat

The first ACD that I meet in 1990(and who stayed in the family) and the "reason" of my intrest to the ACD breed.

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